Hello friends, you may have noticed the lack of an interview this month or last. I apologize, but I have to say, it’s not for the lack of trying! It has been increasingly difficult to find bands and artists that I dig that are willing to engage me in an interview, particularly one that involves emailing, and I’m not going to interview a band I personally am not thrilled or intrigued by just to fill the space.

I hope the interviews will return sometime in 2016, but I can’t say for sure. In the meantime, please enjoy this list of artists that I’ve attempted to interview over the past few years. If you haven’t heard them, by all means get to Googling! And if you are a passionate fan of one of them, and feel the need to start an online petition to get them to respond to me, I won’t stop you.

Kerridge (his representative said he is “taking a break” from interviews)
Lumpy and the Dumpers (after a couple years, only answered two questions)
Vexx (politely declined)
Beatrice Dillon (never responded)
US Girls (her publicist said she is “unable to accommodate my request”, whatever that means)
L.O.T.I.O.N. (never responded)
Slutever (responded to a couple questions and then stopped responding, then I saw Rachel in person and she said that she was waiting on my response but I confirmed that this is untrue)
St. Julien (never responded)
Portable (initially said he’d like to do the interview, then never responded to my questions)
Egyptrixx (initially said yes, I sent the questions, then he responded months later saying he is too busy to do interviews)
51717 (initially said yes, answered the first couple questions and then stopped responding)
Cairo Pythian (amazingly, somehow he was unable to figure out how to respond to an interview in email form, obtained my phone number and sent me a text about it, but still never responded to the actual interview)
Lime Crush (said they would be happy to do it, then never responded to my questions or follow-up emails)
Mystic Inane (got about halfway through the interview, after months of me following-up, and I’ve essentially given up at this point)
Cock ESP (initially said yes, then never responded to my questions or follow-up emails)
John Wiese (initially responded to a few questions then stopped responding entirely)
Terrorism (he’s my damn friend and never responded to my requests)
Profligate (politely declined, stating he doesn’t like to do interviews (although I have found other interviews of his online))
Torn Hawk (reluctantly said yes he would do the interview, then stopped responding, and after prodding him a bit further he sent me this JPG which I admit is pretty great)
Una Bèstia Incontrolable (politely declined, stating that they are very slow and “not totally comfortable answering interviews for web content”)
Coneheads (never responded – I should’ve texted instead)
Sheer Mag (never responded)
The Party of Helicopters (originally said yes, then never responded to the actual questions)
Joey Anderson (never responded)
Mad Nanna (never responded)
Hoax (said yes, then never answered the questions, then told me in person he felt overwhelmed by the idea of having to write out answers to questions, which I can respect)
Gazelle Twin (never responded)
Powell (politely declined, stating he was taking a break from the press (this was over a year ago))
Agathocles (agreed to the interview, then never responded to my questions)
Emptyset (politely declined, stating they had done a large number of interviews recently)
Iceage (initially said yes, then did not respond to the questions (this was years ago))
Men’s Recovery Project (said yes, was into the idea, had a meeting to discuss, then never quite got it together)

See you next week for my year-end best of lists!