Two new White Denim releases are now available! Let me briefly tell you about them.

Good Throb need little introduction, being one of the finest punk bands in our modern time, but in case you aren’t already on their tip, imagine the Feederz and Kleenex sharing a practice space and switching instruments. Snarling, pissed-off punk with a bass guitar that sounds like a rubber band. They’re from London and they recently tore a hole in the US on a brief tour. Listen to “Acid House” here.

Räjäyttäjät are the second Finnish group to be released on White Denim, and without a doubt one of the wildest rock groups I’ve ever encountered. I spent one night with Räjäyttäjät in Tampere, and by the end of it I had a broken nose, the Räjäyttäjät singer was headbutted by the club owner and it still didn’t stop him from exposing himself to the security guard. Their music is just as horribly amazing – somewhere between Ebba Grön, Tampax, Jerry Lee Lewis and Sweet do their tunes reside, but with a fidelity entirely their own. Listen to “Tulee Taas” here.

If you’re interested in purchasing copies, the 7″ is available for $8.00 postage-paid in the US and $22.00 postage-paid internationally, and the LP is available for $14.00 postage-paid in the US and $30.00 postage-paid elsewhere, and it can be ordered directly from the White Denim website via PayPal. If you’d like a copy of both and live in the US, I’m offering a special YGR deal – $20 postage-paid for both, just send it via PayPal to whitedenim AT gmail DOT com. For wholesale inquiries or other questions, shoot an email at that same address