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Yearly White Denim sale

Surprise! No interview this month either! I promise to get it together soon, but if you are truly upset, email me and I can get you the list of artists that have refused, semi-completed or slacked on completing an interview – it is long and diverse and probably makes for one hell of a mixtape.

In the meantime, if you ever felt like contributing to the non-profit, non-commercial labor of love that is Yellow Green Red, why not take advantage of the yearly White Denim sale! I run both this site and that label, and could go for clearing out some stock while making room for new releases. If you trust my tastes on here, you will surely enjoy the records I actually spent thousands of dollars to birth into existence, or if you hate my taste, you can burn these records in effigy and post it to your social media accounts.

Here’s what I’m offering:
Aufgehoben Axiologue / Thermidor One Five 7″
Tin Man Scared LP
Will Over Matter Phenomenal Highways LP
King Blood Where Is He 7″
Veiled El Temps No Passa 12″
Young Trynas Probably Music 7″

All for the disturbingly low price of $20 PPD in the US, $40 PPD internationally. That’s three 7″s, two LPs and a 12″, and they are all fantastic, trust me. PayPal goes direct to, just note the “yearly sale” in the payment description. This sale only goes until June 1st, so please, take advantage now!

Two new White Denim releases are now available! Let me briefly tell you about them in hopes that I may entice your purchase. They are both highly limited, but I guess what record isn’t these days.

Veiled are the bi-continental duo of Rob Francisco (of M Ax Noi Mach fame) and Arnau Sala (of Exoteric Continent fame), and on this newest 12″ they go deep past the basement to the plumbing beneath, serving four tracks of dank and humid industrial-ambient techno. I’m reminded of The Haxan Cloak, Esplendor Geometrico, Raime and Regis when I listen to them, which is to say they craft a world without humans, only Terminators digging around through the garbage. Listen to “Tour De Nit” here.

Young Trynas are real-deal DC hardcore-punk, featuring a member of Priests and a couple co-conspirators. I’m reminded of a mix of Fang, Hole and Madball as I listen to these five gnarly tracks, but I get the impression Young Trynas haven’t put much thought into any of those three, and have reached a similarly negative / pissed-off destination by coincidence. Listen to “$” here.

If you’re interested in purchasing copies, the 7″ is available for $8.00 postage-paid in the US and $22.00 postage-paid internationally, and the 12″ is available for $12.00 postage-paid in the US and $28.00 postage-paid elsewhere, and it can be ordered directly from the White Denim website via PayPal. If you’d like a copy of both and live in the US, I’m offering a special YGR deal – $17 postage-paid for both, just send it via PayPal to whitedenim AT gmail DOT com. For wholesale inquiries or other questions, shoot an email at that same address