This contractor, on the other hand, could hire a subcontractor to fill in the gaps in its own knowledge. All this can become a complex network of agreements. It may seem obvious, if you use a subcontract, that you hire an independent contractor for the work. Obviously or not, legal protection is better in writing. A clause here allows you to identify the subcontractor and note the responsibility that the subcontractor must assume for tax deductions and payments. This section should mention the subcontractor`s responsibilities for all of the following tasks: This agreement allows you to make changes to the services such as price and payment, volume and specification of services. You may indicate them in the calendars annexed to this Agreement. This agreement can be used, for example, when a contractor is tasked with repairing or renovating a private residential or commercial site. This form can also be used if you employ a freelance author or web designer to create content for a website. The world of public procurement and subcontracting can certainly be confusing, especially when multiple contractors and subcontractors are purchased to take on different responsibilities in the same project. Therefore, it may pay off for you to know how specific types of agreements may differ. Subcontract, subcontract, subcontract and subcontract. The document has different sections and inclusions.