Approximately $1.95 billion in future investments in the new agreement with $6.8 billion in investments for Windsor starting in 2022. Ford identified Windsor as a key engine. We build engines for Ford`s best-performing products. We have nothing but a bright future” Jerry Dias This morning at 11:00 a.m., Unifor National President Jerry Dias announced that a preliminary agreement had been reached with Ford Canada. “Together with Unifor and as discussions continue with the federal and provincial governments, this agreement is an important step in building a stronger future for our employees, customers and communities,” said Dean Stoneley, President and CEO of Ford Canada, in prepared remarks. The union voted 81% in favor of the collective agreement, which involves investments of $1.5 billion to bring electric vehicle production to Battery in Oakville and a new engine derivative in Windsor, Unifor confirmed. “The GM model will not fly with The membership of Local 707,” local president Dave Thomas said last week. But local Oakville executives backed the deal negotiated on Halloween. “Based on the collective agreement now ratified by employees, Ford is committed to making its Oakville Assembly complex of an internal combustion engine (ICE) site a BEV production site that will begin in 2024, as well as introducing a new engine program at its Windsor operation,” Ford said in a statement. Ford first published the message and called the agreement a victory for all parties involved. Ford`s Unifor members voted in favour of a new three-year collective agreement. The new agreement also gives employees access to medical cannabis coverage through insurer Green Shield Canada, he notes. While the benefit will only be available in certain circumstances, Vermey anticipates that negotiations on coverage under collective agreements will be more frequent in the future. Unifor`s local union leaders approved the deal over the weekend and asked workers to ratify the agreement on Sunday.

But the potential for a new chapter is still there: the rejection of the agreement on Ford`s largest workplace and Unifor`s largest self-local; The nature of the arguments put forward by those who opposed it and voted against it; the germs of the organization that is developing in Oshawa – all go in the direction of a possible new life for collective resistance to the current regime in the car. Learning the legacy of resistance, struggle, internal struggles within the Union and the role of the Socialists – which dates back to the 1930s – is a key element in building on the real frustration and anger of today`s young workers. But as of October 31, Unifor residents reached a preliminary agreement with Ford, based on the model.