Professional services are all services offered that are unique, highly technically or rarely needed. They are usually provided by an independent supplier or contractor with specific qualifications, which may include education, years of experience and technical skills. Services of this type are usually project-based and are not continuous. Professional services are generally intellectual in nature and cannot or should not require the contractor to have a licence in their specialty. Examples of professional services include self-employment, consulting, technical advice or market research services. Contracts provide legal protection to both parties to the contract and contain general provisions such as payment terms, termination agreements, confidentiality agreements and much more. If the parties agree to the electronic signature of the agreement, the signature page must be separated so that each party`s signature is appropriately affixed to the agreement. A lawyer can ensure that the party has a complete electronic or paper copy of the agreement, which must be considered the best evidence in the event of a dispute. Enter the name of the company that performs the services. The Professional Services Agreement (PSA) is used as a “white agreement” to enter into a contract with a consultant for a specified period of time.

If an institution is willing to use the advisor`s services, Schedule A (Written Authorization for Service Delivery) is executed. Figure A shows the services to be provided, the remuneration and the timetable for the performance of the services. Examples of this work are land surveys, environmental studies, planning, testing, cost estimation, etc. 6.7. No delay or non-performance of a right or power by either party under this agreement constitutes a waiver of that right. The renunciation of one party to any of the covenants, conditions or agreements to be fulfilled by the other party or a violation of this agreement is not construed as a waiver of a subsequent violation of this agreement or any other agreement or agreement contained in it.