6.3 Injury by your users. As the third party beneficiary of all sub-licences under this Agreement, JAMF has the right to apply directly, at its sole discretion, any clause in the sublicensing agreement against your users, including termination. You acknowledge and accept that you will be held jointly responsible for any act or omission by your users that constitutes a violation of this Agreement. Premium support: Jamf Pro Premium Support includes a strategic technical account manager, 24/7 English Phone Support, Executive Business Reviews and more is available for an additional fee. For more information, see: www.jamf.com/support/jamf-pro/ 10.2 Termination. This contract automatically expires without notice if you do not comply with any of its terms. The license granted depends on your compliance with this Agreement and automatically expires if you do not comply with the conditions. JAMF RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT OR SUSPEND OR DISCONTINUE YOUR ACCESS TO JAMF`S APIS, OR ANY PORTION OR FEATURE THEREOF, FOR ANY OR NO REASON AND AT ANY TIME WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU AND WITHOUT LIABILITY TO YOU. Disclaimer: This FAQ should only be used for general instructions. The end-user license and service agreement of each organization or other written agreement with Jamf governs the entire licensed software offering. Thank you for your visit to jamf.com. We`re glad you`re here.

Please read carefully the following terms of use (“Conditions”), as they are a mandatory agreement between you and Jamf Software, LLC (“Jamf” or “we”). The terms and conditions govern your use of websites that refer to these conditions (the “website”). By continuing to use the site, you accept these conditions. If you are a Jamf customer, your use of our software and services is the subject of a separate agreement. What license options are available for Jamf Pro? An indeterminate licence requires a one-time fee per new managed device and an annual maintenance fee per managed device. A subscription license requires an annual subscription fee per managed device. Support and maintenance services are included when purchasing the annual maintenance or subscription fee. Additional services and fees may be charged based on the individual needs of customers. Jamf Customers If you are a current jamf customer, your use of our software and services is the subject of a separate agreement.

Please contact your regular Jamf representative if you have any questions about your agreement. You acknowledge and accept that this agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this Agreement and that any conflicting or additional conditions contained in other oral documents or discussions are not appropriate. Any changes you make to this contract must be made in writing (without e-mail) performed by both parties. JAMF may, at JAMF`s sole discretion, refuse to carry out such writings. All messages addressed to JAMF must be sent to the company headquarters address, as stated on our website by air mail or first-class night, and are considered given after receipt. The waiver of a possible default is not a waiver of a subsequent default. The unenforceable provisions are amended to reflect the intent of the parties and the other provisions of the agreement remain fully applicable. You cannot cede the agreement without JAMF`s prior written consent. Any transfer that is alleged to violate this agreement is not valid. It and JAMF are not legal partners or agents, but independent contractors.