Let`s start by identifying the subject. What is being implemented? changes. The phrase “for the new and improved ACT writing section” is a preposition beginning with the preposition “for.” The prepositional sentence describes the changes that are being implemented. See how the ACT can fool you by placing a single name, “section,” right in front of the verb. Now that you`re familiar with an agreement between thematic verbs on the ACT, you`re familiar with everything that`s been tested on ACT English. You`ll probably also want to read this article about commas. However, if two or more subjects are related to a plural verb. If two or more subjects are bound by or even, the verb agrees with the subject closest to the verb. Finally, the amounts are usually singular, as are the titles. Here are some examples: Spotlighting abilities every day is a way for teachers to support a grammatical environment and prepare students for exams! The verb-subject agreement is a skill evaluated by the ACT test series. Help your students prepare for the ACT test by examining some of the more challenging word-theme chord scenarios. With the practice of professional verb arrangement, students will be assured of identifying and correcting almost all errors in the subject verb agreement.

While the grammar rule itself is relatively simple, the issues associated with it can be difficult and difficult. In this article, I will teach you strategies and tips to become a master of all things, the verb agreement on the ACT. This rule may seem quite simple; but of course, the ACT doesn`t want to make your life too easy. Thematic-verbal agreements on the ACT can be a challenge. The sentences will be more complex than those mentioned above, and the errors of the subject verb chord will not be so obvious. Knowing the common tricks used by the ACT English section on issues that test your knowledge of the specialized verb agreement can be helpful. The more you know about these tricks, the sooner you will be able to recognize them and use the appropriate strategies to correctly answer the questions of the subject verb agreement. As written, the sentence has no agreement between its subject “tumult” and its main verb “what” (as written). You can`t change the “tumult” to “tumult” because the theme is later called “this” in the plural sentence.

Therefore, the correct answer is the one that replaced the singular form “was” with the plural “were.” Cross the prepitonal expression and the set should always be grammatically correct.