For the employer, it is important to understand the limits of the consortium leader`s power. The employer should avoid asking for immediate answers when the consortium leader does not have prior authorization and his partner is absent. An agreement on the ground would bring the Fuhrer into breach of the consortium agreement. This will lead to further litigation within the consortium and may cause the employer to back down. This question is self-evident for the JV`s partners. They can easily give the exact numbers of their bet: 50/50 or 60/40 or 40/30/30, etc. The figures are round and constant, from the signing of the joint enterprise agreement until the end of the project. The figures represent each member`s share of the joint venture, including equity (if any). As noted above, the consortium partners are jointly liable to the employer. The employer can automatically go after each of the existing entities that have signed the contract. Airbus Industries was founded in 1970 as a consortium of aerospace manufacturers. The maintenance of production and engineering assets by partner companies has made Airbus Industries a sales and marketing company. [2] This agreement has led to inefficiencies due to the inherent conflicts of interest faced by the four partner companies; they were both shareholders and subcontractors of the consortium.

The companies cooperated in the development of the Airbus range, but they monitored the financial details of their own production activities and tried to maximize the transfer prices of their assemblies. [3] Partnerships pose particular challenges for the parties involved, which must be overcome pending agreement. General objectives, levels of donations and acquisitions, responsibilities, lines of authority and estates, on how success is assessed and distributed, and often many other factors need to be negotiated. Once an agreement has been reached, the partnership is generally civilly binding, especially if it is well documented. Partners who wish, if so, to make their consent explicit and enforceable, generally develop partnership articles. It is customary to publish information about formal partner companies, for example, in a press release. B press, an advertisement in a newspaper or laws on public registers. Co-optition is a word marked by collaboration and competition. It is used when, on the other hand, companies work with competitors in a consortium to cooperate in areas that are not strategic for their core business.