For his part, Erdogan avoided a situation where Turkey`s borders would be overrun by refugees, while avoiding a break with Russia, the analyst said. The Russian objective of controlling the strait and accessing the Mediterranean led to the determination to weaken the Ottoman Empire at every point. This meant additional support from Austria against Germany, with Berlin increasingly supporting Constantinople. This meant Russian support to the Balkan countries, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro, which fought Turkey in a series of wars in 1910. This meant encouraging Italy in 1911 to take control of Tripoli from the Ottomans. The crisis occurred in the summer of 1914, when Austria threatened Serbia and Russia with all the necessary support to Serbia. Within days, this led to a war between Russia and France against Germany and Austria. Britain and the Ottoman Empire joined us and the Russian army misrepreses on the Eastern Front. The two empires last clashed during the First World War. The war ended with the fall of the regimes of the two kingdoms. [2] The national anadolu news agency reported that buses equipped with commandos and trucks equipped with more military equipment had been sent to reinforce Turkish observation posts. Disagreements remain over the border dispute over the Caucasus and support for historical life opponents of the other. Russia is somewhat skeptical of Turkey`s accession to the European Union, which has the potential to damage its relations with Turkey, but the two countries are important strategic partners in the Trans-Caucasian region.

“The Russian-Turkish agreement does not require the withdrawal of changes to Turkey`s refugee policy and does not change the fact that the European Union has not kept its promises under the 2016 refugee agreement,” he said. But Russia has also tried to make Turkey a potential counterweight to Western influence in the region. Erdogan has openly failed with Washington since an attempted coup in 2016 and said the West had backed his political opposition, and he angered the alliance by buying Moscow`s S-400 missile defense system last year and not producing U.S.-made patriotic missiles. By mid-August 2018, Russia and Turkey were supporting each other in their respective disputes with the United States. Russia has condemned U.S. sanctions against Turkey for the imprisonment of Andrew Brunson [38], while Turkey has declared its opposition to U.S. sanctions against Russia because of the annexation of Crimea and interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. [39] [40] [41] The agreement appears to be reaching Russia`s main objective, which is to enable the Syrian government to control strategic highways essential to consolidating its influence over the country after a devastating nine-year war.