The Good Practice Guide stresses that the approach taken to the development of a written agreement must be “sensitive to the feelings of stakeholders and proportionate to their particular circumstances.” It is essential that the local authority and the remaining independent health care provider accurately state the policies on how places of care become rules of residence. The cohabitation agreement must take into account the following: it is important that the young person and his former caregiver understand what it means to live together, who is responsible for the various elements of the agreement and that it is realistic and achievable. The hospitality board recommends that a “cohabitation agreement” be reached and that all parties – i.e., youth.dem social workers or the youth`s personal counsellor, caregiver and caregiver – be agreed upon before a stay plan is available. However, the degree of detail required depends on the individual circumstances and the relationship between the youth and the caregiver. “Young people should already know the basic rules of the family: if they don`t, it`s a problem.” Young This chapter is part of our staying put guidance.