Jason Karn: It`s an interesting graph. It`s ocR, the Civil Rights Office, and they have to make a presentation every year to Congress, and that`s starting in 2012. And that was interesting to me, because you look at how many business partners are responsible for health information violations. And that`s 42%, and so last week, when we talked about the compliance plan and also what you`re doing before you sign a business agreement, it`s really understanding what your business partner is doing with your information. Ask for a compliance plan. You want to see a risk assessment. They want to know who they are giving the information to. They want to know if this information is encrypted during transmission, at rest when they back up this information. And there have been terrible violations that have happened recently. Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. (“PAR”), 16204 N Florida Avenue, Lutz, FL 33549, duly registered as a Florida business that has the right to do business there (`Business Associate`), and PARiConnect customers (hereafter referred to as “customers”) from different addresses around the world, explicitly agree as follows: business partners, and this is what we will really talk about today , in many ways trading partners and subcontractors – you will see a lot of overlap with the same types of people that are in these groups.

The counterparties support the registered companies and the counterparty the counterparties. A covered company therefore does not have a commercial subcontractor. You only have one partner. Daniel B. Brown, Esq. What are all these commitments out there? Debts are sort of direct. In the past, as I said, it was a covered company that was the only one that could be held responsible for an injury or a problem of its business partner. And now the business partner has its own responsibility for its inability to do things like risk assessments and train their staff. And these are real punishments. You used to say, “I didn`t know I needed to do this” and get away with it. There is no longer a positive defence. »