Here at Yellow Green Red, I don’t just critique records, I occasionally release them, too. The associated label is White Denim. for those who aren’t familiar (founded 2001, not to be confused with the band of the same name), and I figured it wouldn’t be too inappropriate to announce White Denim’s new releases on YGR for any interested parties. May your Google Reader pardon the spam.

The Native Cats are a duo from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. They play a minimalist style of post-punk – vocals, bass guitar, drum machine, and the occasional keyboard. Their White Denim release is a two-song 7″ single limited to 370 copies. It’s recorded in hi-fi, without fuzz or feedback, which provides an intimate feel and allows the listener to understand the lyrics, which are consistently a treat. I hear Young Marble Giants, Arab Strap, Joy Division, maybe some Eddy Current Suppression Ring too, although none of those comparisons really explain what they’re doing. Check it out for yourself – you can download the a-side of the single, free of charge, here: The Native Cats “Catspaw”

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, it’s available for $5.00 postage-paid in the US, and it can be ordered directly from the White Denim website via PayPal. For international orders and wholesale rates, shoot an email to whitedenim AT gmail DOT com.