Yellow Green Red is a music site that offers music reviews and artist interviews on a monthly basis. Reviews run around the first of every month, physiotherapist interviews on the 15th. The majority of the music reviewed here consists of records I bought myself and considered interesting enough to critique.

I am not interested in reviewing MP3s, capsule cassettes, CDs, demos or streaming audio, but I love records! I used to be able to guarantee a review of all vinyl sent in, but due to the quantity of records I’ve been receiving, I can no longer offer that guarantee. This is in an effort to continue to write because I’m excited to, rather than out of obligation, as well as to keep Yellow Green Red a mostly-positive and optimistic endeavor. Please also keep in mind, however, that I don’t review anything more than five or six months old, for the sake of giving current releases the most attention possible. That said, I truly appreciate anyone taking the time to send me their music, and if you’d like to do so, please send it here:

M.K. / YGR
723 League Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

If you have any questions or comments about the reviews, please drop me a line at my email below. I do not weblink any artists or labels in my reviews, but I would be happy to share what I know, as far purchasing or artist/label info is concerned, and discuss any of your dissenting or concurring opinions. Communication is encouraged!

Email inquiries: whitedenim AT gmail DOT com