You lose a lifetime lease if you are evicted from a secure housing rental relationship. Most tenants of housing companies have this type of rental. A voluntary management committee, made up of tenants of the association and people interested in the fields of housing, science, economics and community/volunteers in Scotland, oversees the work of the association. I bought a flatshare from Sanctuary Housing, a large apartment, but absolutely appalling customer service when it comes to rental disputes and we pay a blackmail service fee for which we get very little. In February, our underground parking lot was flooded and our elevators were removed, which did not work properly since it has been broken for at least four weeks now, and you guessed that they blame the February flood, after which they did not clean the soaked sewers in the garage / basement, so we are open to the same thing again. The floors are dirty and the whole place is simply inactive, even though a fleet of sanctuary vans is regularly present. I am now in my fifties and I am working two jobs to try to save enough to free myself from the housing sanctuary, which is a shame, as the complex could be good if it is well managed. It is not enough for your housing corporation to prove that you are subject to discretion for evacuation. The court must also decide that it is reasonable to issue a property order. (This could be a full ownership order or a suspended detention order.) If you do not leave, the housing company can ask the court to send bailiffs to dislodge you. The court does not have the power to suspend the bailiff`s arrest warrant. 10 Maplewood Drive, Beechwood Dundee DD2 3GF Card Tel: 01382 812575 (Beechwood Office open Monday 2.00-4.00 and Friday 10:00-12:00.

Email: website: The court must issue an eviction order if the housing company uses reason 8 for rent arrears as the reason for evacuating your evacuation. Everyone is initiated by a short video and you can also download the reports in full or in summary: As a homeowner, you should expect us to offer safe, quality homes to live in and listen to your concerns. This, and much more, has been laid out in government #CharterForSocialHousing…/the-charter-for-socia. On 1 April 2008, beechwood Housing Cooperative Ltd transferred the Beechwood subdivision to Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association Ltd. Visit our website for more information:…/dont-forget-the-eu-se. I am in the middle of an exchange and I have done everything that was asked of me. As the new resident as we did, we have not heard of the Case Management Assistant….