The first notification and loading must be delivered in person in accordance with CCP 415.10-415.95 An eService notification is sent by email to the addresses in your service list. The eService notification email contains details about the delivered documents and provides a link to view the documents inside the One Legal platform. As defined in CCP 1010.6 (a), the electronic service of a document on a party or other person is by electronic means. Electronic distribution may be made directly by a party, by a representative of the party – including the party`s lawyer – or through an electronic filing service provider (EFSP). If you would like to join the members of this list, please fill out this form: In California, you are responsible for adding service contacts to your case. After adding, the service contacts remain tied to the case so you can continue to use them in the future. Enter the contact information for the service as shown. When you`re done, click Add. COVID-19 and eService: In accordance with the emergency rules of the Council of Justice regarding the pandemic situation, a party represented by a party must accept the transmission of a notification or document that can be sent by mail, night delivery or fax. To learn more about the emergency rules related to COVID 19>> rule 2.251 (b) (1) states that the electronic service can be set up in any case by consent.

With effect from January 1, 2019, it has been amended to read that consent “electronically with the court or the court`s e-filing provider…” A new subsection (C) defines how consent is expressed. Either: if you use eServe with an EFSP like One Legal, you perform eService by electronic notification (CCP 1010.6 (a) (C). This means that the other party or person is informed of the transmission of a document by sending an e-mail to an e-mail address to which the party or any other person has authorized the electronic service. The notification indicates the exact name of the notified document and provides a hyperlink under which the sent document can be safely viewed and downloaded. You are prompted to create or edit the service list when you access the eService tab in the workflow for e-government. Here is the list of lawyers who signed the fax and electronic service contract. (6. .