Thus, the licensee in the company Halecrest, 63 FERC 61.307, 63.120 (1993), was instructed to advise with an association of owners on compensation for the effects of the construction of a new transmission line near the houses of the members of the association. This is not, for the most part, different from the coalition`s involvement as an advisory party with respect to licensing conditions, which could lead to lower maritime levels and lower real estate and commercial values. In the West Penn Power Company, 83 FERC 61.225, 62.003 (1998), the Commission directed the taker to consult with the owners of a route management plan that criminalizes the privacy and security interests of the owners. These are similar interests. Like the owners at West Penn Power, coalition members are concerned about the impact of licensing conditions on lake and environmental landscape qualities and should be consulted on the impact. In the City of Summersville, 86 FERC 61,149, 61,150 (1999), the licensee was ordered to consult with landowners concerned about the “visual effects” of building a new transmission line near their homes. Finally, the Consumers Energy Company And the Detroit Edison Company Commission,84 FERC 61,147, 61,809 (1998), ordered the takers to consult with the owners to investigate the effects on their property by improving the project. In its test statement, the coalition calls for similar treatment. Tacoma entered into a 99-year lease in 1966 with a private company for the development of certain areas on or near Lake Cushman and Lake Kokanee. Save the Lakes Coalition (“STLC”) is a group of approximately 2,500 leases for private and small business companies currently located on these lands. Individual members have built apartments, docks and shops, invest a lot in real estate. Their common interests are aesthetic and financial, each directly correlated to minimum heights.

We write on behalf of the Save The Lakes Coalition.