[5 bis] When determining the rights and debt of BMW and Watkins under the franchise agreement, it is first necessary to refer to the written terms of the contract. This agreement clearly and unequivocally provides that Watkins did not obtain the exclusive right to supply BMW products in a given geographic area and that it was not limited in the area where it was able to trade. BMW expressly reserved the right to order other dealers for BMW products, whether or not they are in the Watkins geographical area. This contractual language cannot, of course, reasonably be construed as allowing Watkins to obtain the exclusive right to sell BMW products in Ventura County or in a geographic area and cannot be construed as having the right to object to the order of a new dealership 25 km from its dealership location. Therefore, in deciding to appoint a new dealership in the territory of Von Thousand Oaks-Westlake, Bmw acted under the Watkins franchise agreement and not by derogation from Watkins. Section 3062 states: “a) Unless otherwise made in Subdivision b), the franchisor notifies the board of directors and any franchisee in the market in question in writing that he is representing another company or relocating another car dealership. an existing dealership company within or within this sector. Within 20 days of receiving this notification or within 20 days of the closing of an appeal procedure provided by the franchisor, such a franchisee may object to the creation or transfer of the distributor to the Chamber. If, within this time frame, a franchisee files an application for additional time to file a protest in the House, the Board of Directors or its Secretary may, for good reason, take an additional 10 days to file the protest. Where such an objection is formed, the board informs the franchisor that an appeal has been filed in a timely manner, that a hearing is required under Section 3066 and that the franchisor may only create or relocate the proposed concessionary business when the board has held a hearing in accordance with Section 3066, or after the board has found that there is a reasonable basis for not admitting the distributor. In case of multiple protests, hearings can be consolidated to speed up the predisposition of the problem.