As a general rule, this compensation agreement applies only if the right, damage, loss or costs are due to the performance of the contractor`s work and are due to personal or material damage. In essence, the compensation clauses are therefore intended to transfer to you the risk and payment of claims, damages, losses and expenses of other potential managers. GL insurance provides protection against personal and material damage resulting from the contractor`s premises, de-outs, products and completed operations. As the name suggests, GL coverage is for general liability, but after-YEAR contractors, GL policies have many exclusions that limit insurance coverage and require the purchase of other lines of insurance. This is why it is necessary to redesign the catering and cleaning companies in order to acquire CPL insurance and professional liability insurance. A service contract is in a relevant part of the N.Y. Ins. Law No. 7902 (k) (McKinney Supp. 2000) to indicate that the insurance clauses in the service contract are essential where there is a reasonable risk associated with the services provided. When there is a risk, the client and the service provider face liability, but the client is often the biggest objective because he or she usually has deeper pockets and is often the party that sells directly the thing in which the services are integrated.

1. A maintenance contract under Act 7902 (d) (McKinney 2000) is not an insurance or service contract and is not regulated by law. (d) “maintenance contract,” a fixed-term contract providing for planned maintenance of the property, with the exception of contracts to repair or replace the property due to material error or transformation or wear and tear. Non-life insurance – “special form” or “All Risk” non-life insurance, which covers no less than the current value of replacement fees for all sellers of lenders (3) “Guarantee contract, guarantee or guarantee” an insurance contract only if it is taken out by a guarantor, guarantor or guarantor who, as such, performs an insurance transaction. 1. Are support contracts subject to insurance law legislation? 2. Is an “extended warranty” (a warranty that is considered a “service contract” according to N.Y. in addition to the standard warranty of the manufacturer that comes with the product and is sold for a supplement).