11.1 A part-time worker is a worker other than a casual worker who works regularly for less than 38 hours per week on average. 22.5.4 g) Workers who provide specialized services are promoted at this level as soon as they have the necessary experience and perform work related to tasks at that level. 18.2 Wages are paid during working time on a weekday agreed by mutual agreement between employers and workers, which does not exceed five days after the end of the pay period. The date of remuneration can be changed by mutual agreement by appointment. 6.1.18 Clerical and/or administrative tasks related to the work of local services. 11.4 The regular hours of work of a part-time worker may be changed by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker for up to 38 hours per week, provided that the hours worked fall within the definition of normal working hours defined in point 27 of this premium. 22.6.2 (i) monitoring and interpretation of legislation, regulations and other agreements relating to occupational safety and health, worker compensation and rehabilitation; 27.4 The normal hours of arrival and termination of an employee or employer may be staggered, provided that there is an agreement between the worker and the majority of the workers directly affected. 27.6 Workers who work between midnight and midnight Sunday in accordance with point 27.2.1 may, by mutual agreement, take the time to defuse at point 27.7. 7.2 A worker is employed on one of the following bases: 6.1.17 Tasks related to the maintenance of municipal services and social assistance projects, including the development of submissions and reports and possible occasional financial documents; and who are sick and in need of care and assistance, or who need care due to an unexpected emergency or the birth of a child; or 33.4.1 (a) Subject to 33.4.1 (b), a worker may take advantage of his personal leave to take care of family or household members who are ill and in need of care and assistance or who need care in the event of an unexpected emergency. 6.1.1 Collecting and providing information about community services, services and resources available to clients; 34.6 Annual leave is granted within a maximum of six months from the date of annual leave, provided that this annual leave can be deferred by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker.