Brief advertisement – in addition to Yellow Green Red, I’ve been running a record label called White Denim for the past decade to varying levels of success. New records are in the works, but in order to get them moving, I need to clear out some old stock. So, through November 5th, I am offering this package deal at a severe discount. I’m extremely proud of all these records – they’re all fantastic works, and certainly explain my own personal taste better than any written word ever could.

For $20.00 US ($30.00 International), you receive:

M Ax Noi Mach In The Shadows LP (RIYL: Intrinsic Action, Chris & Cosey, Schleimer K, Macronympha)
Tin Man Scared LP (RIYL: Maurizio, Depeche Mode, Phuture, Chet Baker)
Private Entertainment Four Tracks 7″ (RIYL: Ceramic Hello, Grauzone, Crash Course In Science, Ruth)
Aufgehoben Axiologue / Thermidor One Five 7″ (RIYL: Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Fushitsusha, Masonna, Air Conditioning)

Right Thant Right Thant 7″ (Not an official White Denim release, but a three-song EP written, performed and recorded by yours truly. Severely limited and only ever given away previously (never sold), only a few copies remain.)

In total, that’s two LPs and three 7″s for $20 in the US, $30 international. What could be better? Send the payment via PayPal to whitedenim AT gmail DOT COM with title “Halloween Special” in your order.

Sound samples and further information are available at