A brief announcement for any interested parties: White Denim has just released the latest record by Tin Man, Scared. It’s a 12″ LP, comprised of eight new and exclusive tracks totaling over 37 minutes of music. The record is limited to 550 copies.

For those unfamiliar, Tin Man is the project of Johannes Auvinen, a producer/vocalist who divides his time between Los Angeles and Austria. Under the Tin Man name, Auvinen has given us classic Acid-house techno, long-form analog drone and most recently, a unique hybrid of dub techno, ambient atmospheres and synth-pop, guided by his unsettlingly cool vocals that arrive like a calm whisper over your shoulder. Like previous efforts Wasteland and Cool Wave, Scared is a smooth and sensual affair, as comforting as it is creepy in Tin Man’s lonely and futuristic world. If you’ve found most techno to be too emotionless, or wish the current crop of minimal synth artists knew how to craft deep, engaging electronic music, I highly recommend checking out Tin Man. Rather than list similar artists (no specific comparison really does him justice anyway), please check out the title track here: Tin Man “Scared”

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, it’s available for $10.00 postage-paid in the US and $18.00 postage-paid elsewhere, and it can be ordered directly from the White Denim website via PayPal. For wholesale inquiries or other questions, shoot an email to whitedenim AT gmail DOT com.