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Kyle Hall

I’m pretty sure that Detroit’s public water is supplemented with some sort of House music
nutrient, and really, who needs flouride when you can come up like Juan Atkins and Moodymann?
Kyle Hall is the freshest and brightest thing to come out of “The D” in recent years, a sprightly
young guy unhindered by any genre boundaries or archaic limitations, only restricted by his
own talents, which continue to increase exponentially with every new session. After coming
up under the wing of a musical family (his mother is a singer, his great uncle a jazz pianist)
and a musical non-family (he was under Omar S’s wing before he could apply for a driver’s
license), Kyle Hall is clearly his own man, releasing various sides on his Wild Oats label and
most recently, a crucial new slab of house-infected, dubstep-nodding techno on Hyperdub
out of the UK. With reports that his performances stole the show at this year’s Miami Music
Conference (the SXSW of dance music), there is no question about the level of talent that
Kyle Hall possesses; it’s more a matter of where he’s going to take his music. Worldwide
critical acclaim, international tours, a miles-deep creative well… not bad for someone born
the year Nirvana released Nevermind.

How did you get started playing music? As a kid, was music your biggest hobby
or were you into other things?

I got into playing music by appreciating it first. When I was younger, I was also into playing
card games and video games. But I was still into music a lot. I had keyboards and drum sets
all my life. At one point I played soccer.

Do you remember the first CDs you bought?
No, not really. I just listened and had my parents burn their stuff to CDr for a while; I never
really bought my own CDs. I downloaded MP3s, also: Napster, Kazza, WinMX, shit like that.

Did you grow up watching music videos? Any videos that really blew your mind?
Yes, I did grow up watching music videos. The music video that was the most memorable to
me was the Busta Rhymes video for “Got You All In Check”. I watched a lot of the hip-hop
videos on BET. DMX videos, Red Hot Chilli Peppers videos, all kinds of stuff. During the late 90s,
videos were pretty cool.

I know you played at the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year, how was
that experience? Have you done any traveling for music otherwise?

Yes, Miami was fantastic. I’ve been doing lots of traveling, playing in Europe. I’m playing in Asia
for the first time on the 22nd of May in Singapore.

That’s crazy. Do you have any idea what the crowds will be like?
Not at all dude.

Are you a crate digger or vinyl enthusiast? Are there any records that have really
shaped your style?

Yes I dig the crates, mos def! So many records have shaped my style: late 90s hip hop and
rap records to Drexciya. It’s quite a culmination of records, too many to name, that shaped
my style. My ear is one that is very diverse.

Any rock bands you really love?

So let’s say you are given the choice of going to a club to hear either dubstep or
minimal techno all night. Where do you go?

Is this a joke?! Haha.

It’s silly, but I’m serious… where do you think you’d have more fun?
Neither, really… I’m not really into either one of those genres that much. I like and dislike them
equally. Some good minimal stuff and a great deal horrible minimal. Some good dubstep and a
butt-load of horrible dubstep.

What’s it like hanging with dudes who are a decade or more older than you? Do
they even know what you’re talking about with a track title like “I <3 Dr. Girlfriend"?

Some do understand the reference to Venture Bros., like Rick Wade for one knows; he really likes
animation and Adult Swim. But hangin with people older than me is nothing new. It’s not something
that was just then created because of the music scene. I always enjoyed the company of older
people even before music.

How long have you been friends with Omar S?
Since 2006.

Do you think dance music can ever attain the same level of popularity in the US
as it has in the UK/Europe?

Yes, maybe some day. Commercial music seems that it’s going in the direction of being more
electronic anyway. So it could be very possible that soon, one day, the music I do will have
commercial mass popularity here. That is a definite hope of mine.

What records can we expect next from you?
Must See EP on Third Ear Recording. Also I have a record coming out under the name KMFH
called The Sun Goddess on my label Wild Oats. I’m doing limited gold color vinyl and the tracks
are bangers! Get ready! It’s due out in the Summer.

Tin Man Scared LP

A brief announcement for any interested parties: White Denim has just released the latest record by Tin Man, Scared. It’s a 12″ LP, comprised of eight new and exclusive tracks totaling over 37 minutes of music. The record is limited to 550 copies.

For those unfamiliar, Tin Man is the project of Johannes Auvinen, a producer/vocalist who divides his time between Los Angeles and Austria. Under the Tin Man name, Auvinen has given us classic Acid-house techno, long-form analog drone and most recently, a unique hybrid of dub techno, ambient atmospheres and synth-pop, guided by his unsettlingly cool vocals that arrive like a calm whisper over your shoulder. Like previous efforts Wasteland and Cool Wave, Scared is a smooth and sensual affair, as comforting as it is creepy in Tin Man’s lonely and futuristic world. If you’ve found most techno to be too emotionless, or wish the current crop of minimal synth artists knew how to craft deep, engaging electronic music, I highly recommend checking out Tin Man. Rather than list similar artists (no specific comparison really does him justice anyway), please check out the title track here: Tin Man “Scared”

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, it’s available for $10.00 postage-paid in the US and $18.00 postage-paid elsewhere, and it can be ordered directly from the White Denim website via PayPal. For wholesale inquiries or other questions, shoot an email to whitedenim AT gmail DOT com.