Reviews – December 2013

A Model Authority Model 001 12″ (A Model Authority)
A Day At The Beach 7″ (Almost Ready)
split 7″ (Badmaster)
Fast Hits LP (Special Needs)
Blackout LP (Monolith Sound)
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy LP (Palace)
7″ (Total Punk)
Disposal Of A Dead Body 2xLP (Skrammel)
She’s A Rock And Roller 7″ (Last Laugh)
Heavy Breathing LP (Siltbreeze)
1983 Demo Cassette 12″ (Smartguy)
200 EP 12″ (
Recur LP (Raster-Noton)
Bishop LP (Savage Quality)
Francisco Franco LP (New Images Limited)
Colonial Patterns 2xLP (Software)
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From Breakfast To Madness LP (General Speech)
Impalers LP (540 / Todo Destruido)
Blood Of The Grove LP (No Patience)
Pull My Hair Back LP (Hyperdub)
First Chapter LP (Aagoo / REV. Laboratories)
Dallas LP (Ride The Snake / R.I.P Society)
No Void 7″ (Loglady)
Awopbopaloopop Alopbam Räjä LP (Räjä)
Saralee LP (Ride The Snake)
Visceral Tavern LP (SPHC)
Slow Warm Death LP (Square Of Opposition)
Control / Consumption 12″ (Happy Skull)
Queen Of The Invisible LP (Edible Onion)
Bent Spear / Arms 7″ (No Patience)
Restless Idylls 2xLP (Blackest Ever Black)
Ego Orientation LP (Psychic Handshake)
split 7″ (540 / Todo Destruido)
Veiled LP (Blind Prophet)
Wildhoney 7″ (Nostalgium Directive)


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