Reviews – October 2013

Abolitionist The Growing Disconnect I’m Off Me ‘Ead LP (Permanent)
Bad Year EP 7″ (Central District)
Golden Theft LP (Twin Lakes)
Albidaya LP (Annihaya)
Jester / 911 = 11 7″ (Volar)
Dead Air LP (Load)
Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask LP (Spectrum Spools)
effect, but with the comfort of cashmere, not the nagging annoyance of sand in your shoe. These tracks thicken the atmosphere, and Dozzy frequently works a Northern Lights effect, changing the texture and tone without ever poking a hole in his audible drapery. This sort of thing has been done many times before, and maybe it shouldn’t be so warm and enticing as it is, but it is. It is.

Eat Skull The Where’d You Go? EP 7″ (Volar)
Epilogue -M- EP 12″ (Aagoo)
Gas Mask ’95 7″ flexi (Perennial)
7″ (Total Punk)
Gorgon Sound EP 2×12″ (Peng Sound)
Love Song LP (Art Into Life / Eskimo)
Burning 12″ (Power House)
Alle Lujaa LP (Peterwalkee)
Hoax LP (no label)
Itinerant Magic 12″ (Itinerant Dub)
Passer-By / Joseph Stride 7″ (Sister Cylinder)
LP (Bathetic)
Love Moon LP (Glory Hole Drink Or Die)
Missing Foundation LP (Dais)
1933 / Your House Is Mine LP (Dais)
EP 12″ (Blackest Ever Black)
Caregiver 2xLP (Maybe Tomorrow)
Ruiner LP (Bathetic)
No Wind 7″ flexi (Symphony Of Destruction)
Sounds That Look Like Us LP (Revolution Winter)
Austerity Dogs LP (Harbinger Sound)
No Longer Stranger LP (Volar)
Ajatus Karkaa LP (Peterwalkee)
Whatever Brains LP (Sorry State)
Swallow My Bones LP (Load)
My Name Is Ishmael Ali LP (Obscure Me)
Versions LP (Sacred Bones)
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