Reviews – January 2014

Alarms & Controls Clovis Points LP (Dischord / Lovitt)
Amusements LP (Aarght!)
American Dream LP (Shogun)
Adelaide / Better Next Time 7″ (Bedroom Suck)
It’s Cool, No Worries 7″ (Bon Voyage)
Goodbye Age 7″ (Total Punk)
Bike Thief 7″ (Ride The Snake)
Troubled / I’m A Big Boy Now 7″ (Total Punk)
split 7″ (Anthems Of The Undesirable)
Heathen Reign LP (Heathen Reign)
A Fallen Empire 2xLP (Downwards)
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Shadow On The Wall / Drag You 7″ (Total Punk)
Super Dimensional Hardcore LP (Not Very Nice / General Speech)
Mercy Killings 7″ (Beach Impediment)
Spit LP (Hospital Productions)
Objekt #3 12″ (Objekt)
War Is Our Destiny 7″ (Beach Impediment)
Preach Under Cooked / Mellow Moon 7″ (Sophomore Lounge)
Make Up Face 7″ (Carbonated Sounds)
Worlds Floating By LP (Bedroom Suck)
Paisley Montage LP (Richie)
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Let’s Hang Out LP (Rural Isolation Project)
Rehab LP (Dull Knife)
The School Of Radiant Living LP (Radiant)
Flash Fuck LP (A Wicked Company)
Listen LP (Further)
Accidental Incest LP (no label)
Ruleth LP (Holodeck)
7″ (Richie)
Blood Pool / Drips 7″ (Accidental Guest)
Karnival / Eight Years Of Rest 7″ (Pillowscars)
Transfix LP (Dutch Tilt)
From The Grave LP (Permanent)
Jazz Mama Is Cryin 12″ (no label)
split 7″ (Beach Impediment)
Remember Your Black Day LP (Hospital Productions)

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split LP (Accident Prone)
White Poppy LP (Not Not Fun)