Reviews – November 2013

The Ar-Kaics 7″ (Speakertree)
Pearls Before Swine EP 7″ (Feral Kid / Feeble Minds / Ut)
Traveller’s Shoes / Second Nature 7″ (no label)
The Cabbage Heads 7″ (SPHC / Faded Novelty)
Unity Mitford 12″ (Perennial)
Vengeance Candle 12″ (Hospital Productions)
New Release (1) 12″ (Pan)
Psychic 2xLP (Other People / Matador)
La Chimie LP (SDZ)
The Fever Logic L.P. LP (Not Not Fun)
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A L’Attaque Du Rien 7″ (Mutant / Tocsin)
Untitled LP (Holodeck / Indian Queen)
Kicked Back Into The Crypt Meta-Pop split 7″ (Anti-Matter)
Slope / Maximum Busy Muscle 12″ (Hessle Audio)
12″ (Downwards)
Obsession LP (Moniker)
These Are Good People LP (Tiny Engines)
7″ (Soft Abuse)
Be Around 7″ (All Gone)
Jaws / Luxury 7″ (Reptilian)
Offenbarung 12″ (Downwards)
Replicant Moods LP (100% Silk)
Greedy Heart LP (Skrot Up)
Discovery Park LP (All Gone)
Gagged In Boonsville LP (Not Not Fun)
Piinaavanautinto EP 7″ (SPHC)
Paid For You / Dip It In 7″ (Swear Jar)
Tiny Migrants 7″ (Mere Noise)
Think Back Kick A Beer 7″ (Sophomore Lounge)
The Amputee / The Mold 7″ (Kind Turkey)
Beau Wanzer 12″ (L.I.E.S.)
P.A.P. Fats 7″ (Finger Recordings)
Youth Code LP (Dais)


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