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Dry Rot

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Reviews – November 2009

Matias Aguayo Ay Ay Ay 2xLP (Kompakt)
Part 2 12″ (Demdike Stare)
7″ (Dull Knife)
Flowers LP (Sacred Bones)
The Police Cruisers EP 7″ (Weird Hug)
Fleurs LP (Upset The Rhythm)
Tribute To The Sun 3xLP (Cadenza)
Sparks / Melted Sunglasses 7″ (Weird Hug)
Killing Time EP 12″ (Sacred Bones)
A New Way To Pay Old Debts LP (Palilalia)
7″ (Dirty Knobby)
Lord Got Busted / Kill Yourself 7″ (Fan Death)
Bernt Anker 7″ (Dull Knife)
Three EPs 3xLP (Perlon)
Twin Stumps 12″ (Dais)
Childish Prodigy LP (Matador)

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7″ (Dirty Knobby)
compilation 12″ (Future Times)