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Reviews – April 2009

Awen The Bells Before Dawn LP (Dais)
My Love Sees You 12″ (Kitsune)
Seconds 12″ (Captured Tracks)
Cro Magnon 7″ (Bruit Direct)
Yours Alone 12″ (Captured Tracks)
Watch Your Eyes / Time Collapse 12″ (Sludge)
Zontag 7″ (Sacred Bones)
Isolated Human 7″ (Painkiller)
Komm Vorbei 12″ (Fin Du Monde)
Insayngel LP (Heavy Tapes)
Downtown Unga Wunga 7″ (Columbus Discount)
Rudeboy Skank 12″ (Dubbed Out)
Eze EP 12″ (Dessous)
Led Astray Washed Ashore LP (Troubleman Unlimited)

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God Is Saying This To You LP (Mexican Summer)
The Hunchback EP 12″ (Richie)
New Amsterdam CDr (Sacred Bones)
Tsar Bomba 12″ (Troubleman Unlimited)
compilation 7″ (Down In The Ground)